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2019 XJTU Summer Camp

Source:Date:2019-08-23 Visits:

Welcome to the Summer Camp in Xi’an Jiaotong University (China)

For students from School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering, Polimi

Xi’an, China, 26th August to 1st September 2019


5 Good Reasons to Come to XJTU Summer Camp

1. Xi'an Jiaotong University (abbreviated XJTU) is a C9 League university located in Xi’an, China;

2. XJTU was initially set up in 1896, with more than 120 years history till now;

3. XJTU is the hub of the University Alliance of the Silk Road;

4. XJTU’s new campus (Western China Science & Technology Innovation Harbour) covers an area of 3.250.000 square meters will start to operate after the summer of 2019.

5. Xi’an is the ancient capital of 13 Dynasties of China, with more than 3100 years history. In Xi’an, you will have the chance to experience China’s early civilization.

Attending fees:

The registration fee is free of charge.

The expenditures during your stay in Xi’an (hotel, food, tourist tickets, and transportation fee inside of Xi’an) will be covered by XJTU.

International flight tickets from your location to Xi’an should be purchased by attendees.


Detailed schedule (minor adjustments could be made according to specific conditions):



Day 1


Arrival in Xi’an


Welcome Dinneer

Day 2


Welcome meeting with Prof. Gu Zhaolin, Dean of School of Human Settlements and Civil Enginering


Welcome meeting with Professor from the School of International Education

15:00  16:30

Introduction of Postgraduate Education in XJTU, brought by Prof. Xu Ling

16:30  18:00

Visit XJTU History Museum

Day 3

9:00  10:30

Lecture (1):Traditional Chinese Architecture, brought by Prof. Yeo Sok Yee

10:30 12:00

Lecture (2):Sustainable Urban Planning in China, brought by Prof. Yupeng Wang

14:30  18:00

Campus tour: Visit the Innovation Harbour Campus

Day 4

9:00  12:00

Technical tour: Small Goose Pagoda, Guangren Temple, Yongxingfang Street

15:00 18:00

Discussion seminar between students from Polimi and XJTU

Day 5


Excursion to the Terra-Cotta Army and its affiliated parks


Visit of the Bell Tower, City Wall, and the Giant Wild Goose pagoda

Day 6


Free Time


Farewell Dinner 

Day 7


Departure to Milano, Italy



Professor Yupeng Wang (XJTU): wang-yupeng@xjtu.edu.cn