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Life at XJTU

Source:Date:2019-08-21 Visits:

Located in Xi’an of Shaanxi province, XJTU includes three campuses, Xingqing campus, Yanta campus and Qujiang campus, covering an area of1989400 square kilometers and gross floor area of 2038500 square kilometers.Foreign students mainly live in Xingqing and Yanta campus.

On Yanta campus are four dormitory buildings,where Medicine majors and Finance majors live. There are two types of dormitories, single room and double room. Both are appropriately laid out and the building is equipped with necessary electric appliances, studying room, communal kitchen, canteen and laundry room. The dormitory buildings are close to the campus canteen, basketball court, playground, teaching buildings and library. Buses and restaurants which can satisfy the dietary needs of different foreign students are available in the neighborhood. 

Except for Medicine majors and Finance majors, the rest foreign students live on Xingqing campus. Three dormitory buildings in this campus are West seven, West eight and West thirteen.

Dormitory buildings West seven and West eight are connected with each other, and near the south gate of Xingqing campus.Bus station is just located next to the south gate. West seven dormitory building are provided for the doctors who have won the scholarship of Chinese government. In this dormitory building is single room with independent bathroom. Each floor is equipped with activity room and kitchen. West eight dormitory building (from fifth floor to seventh floor) are provided for foreign students who has won the scholarship, mainly for those at public expenses. In this building are double rooms and few quad rooms with wood floor. Each floor is equipped with a bathroom and kitchen. These dormitory buildings are close to sport fields, like the tennis court, basketball court and football pitch.

West thirteen dormitory building is provided for the overseas students at their own expenses and located in the central area of Xingqing campus. In this building are single rooms and double rooms. Both are equipped with independent bathrooms. Each floor has a public bathroom and room with washing machine and refrigerator. There is also an answering room for Chinese majors to consult teachers. Dormitory building is managed by specific personnel, and the cleaner tidy the rooms frequently, creating a favorable environment for overseas students. It only takes three minutes for students to get to library, canteen, basketball court and football field. The newly-built canteen is just located on the opposite. Various cuisines, like South Korean food and western food are offered. Besides, the canteen in the dormitory buildings is open all day, providing different kinds of delicacies.