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Green Building and Low Carbon City Research Center

Source:Date:2019-08-21 Visits:

Green Building and Low Carbon City Research Center is based on the urban environmental conditions and development demands in North-west China, focusing on the green building design and development in urban area, creating ecological patterns and optimized urban climate conditions in low carbon cities, in order to accelerate sustainable urban environmental development. Researching on the interaction among human, nature environment and the built environment according to the aspects of district scale, community scale and street scale, explore the green building design and low carbon city planning methods for adapting to the urban economy development and nature environment, and coordinating the ecological protection and urban construction.


Main research interests:

Design methods for green building;

Technical and methodology research on multi-scaled urban typology planning control base on urban climates;

Urban community living environment planning for “elderly has a roof over their head”;

Low carbon urban transportation system planning;

Sustainable development methods and eco-planning for urban and rural settlements;

Culture heritage protection planning for urban and rural settlements.


Current achievements:

In recent years, Green Building and Low Carbon City Research Center has leaded 16 national research funding projects, 13 province level projects, 11 horizontal projects, and more than 40 architecture planning or design projects. Meanwhile, Green Building and Low Carbon City Research Center has published 6 books, 7 textbooks, more than 300 journal papers, obtained 2 patents and 3 software copyrights, and participated in writing 1 national construction regulation. Supervised students have been awarded more than 20 times in national and international design competitions, design achievements of bachelor students have been awarded more than 40 times.



Green Building and Low Carbon City Research Center is including 17 researchers, which are 7 Professor and Associate Professors, 9 lectures, and 1 post doctor.

Contact us: dian-z@mail.xjtu.edu.cn


Zhou Dian (Ph.D. Professor, http://gr.xjtu.edu.cn/web/dian-z)

Vice Director:

Wang Yupeng (Ph.D. Distinguished Researcher, http://gr.xjtu.edu.cn/web/wang-yupeng)

Zhang Dingqing (Ph.D. Associate Professor, http://gr.xjtu.edu.cn/web/zhangdq)

Yu Chunlong (Ph.D. Associate Professor, http://gr.xjtu.edu.cn/web/minfish.2007)

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