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Institute of Building Environment and Sustainable Technology

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The Institute of Building Environment and Sustainable Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University focuses on the key requirements of building energy conservation and healthy environment. The institute is a leading team in the field of building environment systems, building energy conservation, renewable energy utilization technology, special environmental regulation, energy-efficient heat dissipation technology, and healthy environment and materials development. The institute has 16 faculty members, more than 40 research students, and senior undergraduate students participating research projects. It comprises 4 professors/ professorate senior engineers and 9 associate professors, including 2 young science and technology stars from Shaanxi Province. The institute has formed a team with reasonable structures, and formed a good research environment and spirit of “rigorous, pragmatic, united and motivated”. The institute focuses on cultivating the international vision of graduate students. We have undertaken international projects cooperated with UN-HABITAT, IEA-SHC, GIZ and other international organizations. We have developed fruitful academic exchanges and cooperation with international high-level research institutes such as Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, UC Berkeley, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and The Italian National Institute. We provide opportunities for all graduate students to participate in international conferences. The institute also pay great attention to the cooperation with domestic research institutes and enterprises, such as China Northwest Architecture Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd., China United Northwest Institute Co. Ltd., China Architecture Design & Research Group, China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements, Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co. Ltd., and Hisense-Hitachi Air-conditioning System Co. Ltd. The institute has participated in the establishment of the Shaanxi Energy Environmental & Building Energy Conservation Engineering Technology Research Center, the Shaanxi Technology Research Center of Built Environment and Energy Engineering, and the Research Institute of Climate Adaptive Buildings and Human Settlements. The institute has a close exchange and cooperation with Chinese Society for Sustainable Development, Chinese Association of Refrigeration, Committee of Healthy Habitat-Architectural Society of China, Chinese Renewable Energy Society, Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Housing, and Prefabricated Housing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. The institute regularly hosts or co-organizes high-level conferences such as “Relics Conservation Environmental Management Technology Forum”, and “Human Settlements Forum”. In the past five years, the institute has led more than 20 national/provincial research projects, and more than 30 enterprises projects. The members have published more than 200 research papers, including 120 SIC journal papers and 60 EI papers. In addition, more than 30 patents and 3 software copyrights are authorized.

1. Members

Director:MENG Xiangzhao

Deputy Director:SUN Yanjun, CUI Xin

Faculty Members:JIN Liwen, LIU Yanhua, ZHAO Min, CAO Ying, LIU Xing, KONG Qiongxiang, ZHANG Lianying, WANG Zanshe, LUO Xilian, YANG Xiaohu, SUN Yanjun, MA Congfu, TANG Chunli, TONG Zixiang


(1) MENG Xiangzhao, Senior Engineer

Research interests:

Ÿ Building indoor environment control system and application

Ÿ Building external environment simulation and optimization

Ÿ Special space environment control system and equipment development

Ÿ Building energy consumption monitoring technology based on big data analysis

(2) JIN Liwen, Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Building sustainable technologies; radiant heating/cooling technologies

Ÿ Low-grade solar energy storage; simulation of ground heat exchangers

Ÿ Mini/micro scale heat transfer; heat transfer enhancement in porous media

(3) LIU Yanhua, Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Indoor/outdoor air quality assurance technology and method

Ÿ Air purification materials

Ÿ Combustion pollutant control technology

(4) CUI Xin, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Energy-efficient building air-conditioning system

Ÿ Evaporative cooling technology

Ÿ Temperature and humidity independent control air-conditioning system

Ÿ Building ventilation and indoor air quality

(5) LIU Xing, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Building physics and green building technology

Ÿ Building energy saving

Ÿ Solar building integration technology

(6) KONG Qiongxiang, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Ventilation and air-conditioning energy-saving technology; BIM information integration

Ÿ Building environment simulation and application; building energy consumption simulation and analysis

Ÿ Fast algorithm in building simulation - interdisciplinary research

(7) WANG Zanshe, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Building and urban thermal environment

Ÿ Dehumidification and building energy saving technology

Ÿ Novel refrigeration and air-conditioning technology

(8) LUO Xilian, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Museum cultural relics preservation environment control technology

Ÿ “Coal to electricity” technology for clean heating in rural areas

Ÿ Building new energy utilization technology

Ÿ Numerical simulation of building ventilation

(9 ) YANG Xiaohu, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Multi-scale simulation of heat and mass transfer in porous metal

Ÿ Application of energy storage in air conditioning systems

Ÿ Ventilation technology

Ÿ Solar thermal utilization

(10) ZHANG Lianying, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Solar absorption refrigeration

Ÿ Heating system

(11) SUN Yanjun, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ÿ Engineering thermodynamics and thermophysical properties

Ÿ Refrigeration Cycle and System Optimization

Ÿ Indoor Environment and Health

(12) TONG Zixiang, Lecturer

Ÿ Multiscale heat and mass transfer

Ÿ Numerical methods for multiphysics problems

Ÿ Waste heat recovery and thermal storage

2. Key research areas of the institute

(1) Healthy living environment system regulation and technologies

(2) Building energy consumption analysis and energy-saving technologies

(3) Engineering application of building renewable energy technologies

(4) Key technologies and equipment of special environmental control system

(5) Electronic device cooling technologies and product development

(6) Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies

 Contact us: xzmeng@xjtu.edu.cn

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