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Research Institute of Civil Engineering Structure and Building Energy Conservation Technology

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The institute was established under the great background of National Belt and Road strategy and the Double-First Class university plan. Taking the chance of West to East Electricity Transmission strategy and the energy collaboration with B&R countries, the institute vigorously promotes dominant featured disciplines in civil engineering and also encourages cross-disciplinary integration with the support of the world-class Science and Technology Innovation Harbor of Western China. The scientific research covers Structural Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, etc. Furthermore, advanced and featured achievements in the research field of Innovative Materials and Structures, Renewable Energy Application Technology, Simulation and Optimization of Air Conditioning System and Automatic Control of Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning, have been accomplished in recent years.

After the institute settles in the Science and Technology Innovation Harbor, it will not only continue to foster the existing international advanced research fields; but also put more efforts in the newly developed inter-disciplinary fields, such as Intelligent and Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials, Urban Underground Integrated Pipe Corridors, Smart Cities and Digital Construction, Building Energy Conservation and Integration Applications, etc. Taking the challenge of the main battlefield of national economic construction, the target of the institute is to build a top University-Enterprise cooperation and research platform by the collaboration with relevant government departments, enterprises and institutions, and design institutes, and finally to promote the development of local economy and the transition and upgrading of the traditional industries with first-class social services.



Members and Research Interests


WANG Fenghao, Professor

Team: WANG Xinke, DANG zheng, WANG Jun, WANG Zhihua, XU Han, ZHOU Xiaojun

Research interests: 

Building energy conservation and heat pump technologies

Indoor air quality

Intelligent Building

Distributed building energy system


MA Jianxun, Professor

Team: SONG Li, ZHANG Ling-ling, YUE Yan-chao, LUO Dong

Research interests: 

Steel structure

Bayesian Network

Structural Health Monitoring

Buckling-Restrained Brace(BRB)

Intelligent material

Utility tunnel


SUN Qing, Professor

Team: ZHANG Shuo-ying, HOU Jian, XUE Xiao-min, Yin Yao

Research interests: 

Steel structure, Steel Reinforced Concrete structure, FRP structure

Anti-seismic structure, Energy dissipation structure

Vibration control structure

Intelligent material and structure


YANG Zheng, Professor

Research interests: 

Strength Theory and Application of Engineering Material

Structure Theory of High Performance Concrete

Failure Theory and Safety Assessment of Engineering Structure in Complex Environments

Theory and Construction Technology of Large Engineering Structure

Smart City, Intelligent Building and Digital Construction Technology


WANG Jianyun, Professor

Research interests: 

Bacteria-based self-healing concrete

Bio-treatment of recycled aggregates

Bio-based surface protection and consolidation of building materials


Crack repair techniques

Durability of cementitious materials

Green Sustainability of cementitious materials

Contact us: sunq@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

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